How long does the promotion go for?
The promotion starts at 12:00am AEST (2:00am NZST) on 02/05/2022 and ends at 11:59pm AEST (1:59am NZST) on 10/07/2022 and runs for 10 weeks.
Who can enter this promotion?
This promotion is open to Australian and New Zealand residents aged 18 or over.
How do I enter?

To enter, during the Promotional Period, simply:

  • Purchase any specially marked Tic Tac 24 gram or 49 gram pack from any retailer in Australia or New Zealand (Qualifying Purchase);
  • Each specially marked Tic Tac 24 gram or 49 gram pack will contain a unique code located inside the pack (“Unique Code”);
  • visit, locate the entry page, fill out and submit the online entry form (including unique code), providing all other requested information.
How can I tell if my entry has been received?

You will receive an on-screen confirmation message on the promotional website after you have entered your details, acknowledging that your entry has been received.

Should I keep my Tic Tac Pack/s?

Yes! You may be asked to provide the original barcode as proof of purchase.

Do I need to keep my receipt as well?

You must retain your promotional product receipt/s for all claims as proof of purchase.

How many times can I enter?
A maximum of one (1) entry per person per day is permitted. You can enter as many times as you like, provided that each entry is for a separate Qualifying Purchase and you have a different unique code for every entry.
What products can I enter with?
Any specially-marked Tic Tac 24 gram or Tic Tac 49 gram pack.
What are the Participating Stores?

The competition will run in all retailers that stock the participating Tic Tac products across Australia, including online stores.

What happens if I win?
You will receive an email letting you know that you’re a winner. Please allow 10 business days for your voucher to be emailed to you. Make sure your email address is correct to avoid any bounces! In the event of a bounce, all reasonable attempts will be made to reach you. If unsuccessful, your prize will be forfeited & awarded in the unclaimed prize draw.
What is the prize?
For Australian winners, Each prize consists of two (2) x $100 gift cards, that they can choose from the following list:

Each Australian winner will receive two (2) of the same card chosen with a combined valued of AU$200.

Each NZ winner will receive two (2) x pre-paid Eftpos cards with a combined value of NZ$200.

Can I redeem the prize for cash?
No, unfortunately this is not permitted.
What if I don’t use all of my voucher & there is a balance left-over?

Any remaining voucher balances cannot be awarded as cash & must either be spent with Red Balloon or forfeited.

How long do I have to use my voucher?

Vouchers are generally valid for 3 years after the issue day.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the vouchers?

You can contact The Card Network

The Card Network:

1300 375 346


I am having trouble submitting my entry, what can I do?

Check that all the mandatory information is filled out correctly and that your unique code has been entered correctly. If you are still having issues, try a different browser otherwise you can contact the Ferrero Consumer Service team on 1800 627 231 (AUS) or 0800 441 512 (NZ) or email at (Monday to Friday from 8:00am – 6:00pm).

Where can I find full Terms & Conditions?
Where can I find my unique code?

You can find your unique code on the inside of the Tic Tac label.

What is Re-Captcha?

Re-Captcha is a simple way of checking that a person is entering the promotion. This will ensure that eligible entries are being awarded the prizes.

Is there anyone I can contact about the promotion for any more questions?

You can view the full promotional Terms & Conditions at here:

Any questions you have please phone 1800 627 231 (AUS) or 0800 441 512 (NZ) or email the Ferrero Consumer Service team at (Monday to Friday from 8:00am – 6:00pm).

How do you protect the personal information I share as part of this promotion?

For full privacy details, please see the Privacy Policy at the link